DTMF Projects

DTMF Based Projects

1 DTMF Based Load Control System
2 DTMF Based Electronic Voting Machine
3 DTMF Based Switching System for Power Efficiency
4 DTMF Based Pick and Place Robot
5 DTMF Based Spy Robot
6 DTMF Based Water Pump Controller
7 DTMF Based Irrigation System DTMF Based Home Appliance Control
8 DTMF Based Stepper Motor Control
9 Mobile Switching Device Using DTMF
10 DTMF Based Industry Automation
11 DTMF Based IR Proximity Sensor
12 DTMF Based Human less Boat Control for Oceanic Research Applications
13 Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
14 DTMF Based Prepaid Energy Meter
15 DTMF Based Land Rover
16 DTMF Based DC Motor Control
17 DTMF Based Remote Control System
18 DTMF Based Home Automation System
19 Cell Phone Based DTMF Controlled Garage Door Opening System
20 Display of Dialed Telephone Numbers on Seven Segment Displays
21 DTMF Based Car
22 DTMF based Land Rover
23 DTMF Based Device Control System
24 Automatic Dialing to Any Telephone Using I2C Protocol on Detecting
25 DTMF based Home Appliances Control System
26 DTMF based Door Locking System
27 DTMF based programmable FM Remote with 89c51
28 DTMF based Generator
29 DTMF based Industrial Automation
30 DTMF based Home Security System