Matlab Image Processing

3 Times IIT Bombay Robo Competition Winner
A National Level Certified Workshop on

” Image Processing using Matlab “

Workshop Details

It is our pleasure to serve you a low cost proposal on ” Image Processing Workshop “. The workshop will be conducted by IIT Bombay and VJTI alumni with industrial professionals.


Syllabus :

  • Introduction to Image processing concepts
  • Introduction to the MATLab
  • Important techniques involved in Image processing
  • Exposure to detailed concepts of image conversion
  • Implementation of real time image processing techniques
  • Basic concepts of object identification and tracking
  • Demonstration of the Traffic Light Recognition
  • Exposure to multi-disciplinary content involved in the building of project
  • Exposure to identification of shape, color, tracking of an object
  • Hands-on experience for participants with MATLab programming, Filtering techniques, Image conversion techniques etc.

Benefits to Participants

  • Gain good exposure on MAT Lab
  • Develop very good understanding of Image Processing
  • Learn about the Techniques involved in image processing
  • Develop a project on Identification and tracking of an object
  • Will lead to very good job opportunities especially in the area of Embedded
  • Can easily use this experience to develop good B.Tech/ M.Tech projects
  • Helps to face job interviews with confidence

Key Features :

  • Complete practical hand on session with theory concepts
  • Designed by IIT,Bombay and VJTI alumni along with industrial standard
  • Highly qualified and skillful trainers
  • Quality product /material designed by Embedded Technosolutions with the help of industrial expert

Who Should Attend :

  • Interested in Image processing
  • Looking for a career in Image processing sector
  • Those who want to improve their practical and technical skills and create something innovative
  • Those who want to get job in technical domain

What we provide :


  • MATLab Software

Study Material

  • Image Acquisition Techniques
  • Color recognition
  • Techniques involved in motion of an object

Workshop Structure

The workshop is split into 5 modules

Sr.No Modules Duration
1 Understanding concepts of Image Processing 3 Hrs
2 Practical session on Basic methods of Image acquisition 2 Hrs
3 Understanding the concepts of colorrecognition, object identification and tracking 2 Hrs
4 Hands on training on color recognition techniques 3 Hrs
5 Demonstration of identifying and tracking of an object 4 Hrs

 What we required to conduct the session

  • A computer lab with good working PCs
  • One good working projector
  • one black board and chalk