Project Based Technical Skills Improvement Program  by IIT Bombay Alumni with Industrial Professionals

High Technology Training Program Worth Rs.10,000/-
Now at very low cost For Students Only
Today’s generation of students are very Innovative, Creative Minded & Enthusiastic about the technology.In the digital world, the technological revolutions are much faster than anything.Under such scenario, only theory based academic education is not sufficient to boost the student’s skills from one level to other.We need to make them aware about, how technical things are changing in the real world.
To fulfil the gap between academic education & the real-world market , we organize “ Project Based Technical Skills Improvement Program ” for the students in the colleges.
More than 50,000 students across the India took the part in our ” Project Based Technical Skills Improvement Program ” & now they are implementing their projects by their own, this is what our objective behind conducting such programs.


  1. To provide expensive training program at low cost
  2. Students at the academic level should get the practical info about recent technologies in the market.
  3. Students should develop their projects by their own after these training sessions.
  4. They should understand how theoretical things can be implemented into practicals with hands on.
  5. The workshops should create the technological interest in them so that they should think & improve themselves in the technical domain.
  6. Students should get the chance to interact with industry professionals.
  7. Last but important, such technical activities should create a good trend in the college campus which helps to recharge the students time to time.

Duration: 2 Days (4-6 Hrs per day)

Training Location : College Campus

Training Program Details


S.No Name of Document Download
1 Raspberry Pi IOT with 5 Projects Designing
2 ARM 7 Microprocessor
3 Embedded System with Wireless Communication
4 Embedded C Programming
5 Arduino with Projects Designing
6 MATLAB – Image Processing
7 PCB Designing –Industrial & Professional
8 PIC Microcontroller with Projects Designing
10 Quadcopter Designing
11 Robotics – Bluetooth Robotics
12 Robotics – DTMF Robotics
13 Robotics – Gesture Robotics
14 Python Programming
15 Professional Android
16 Professional JAVA

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