DTMF Robotics

3 Times IIT Bombay Robo Competition Winner
A National Level Certified Workshop on

” DTMF Based Wireless Robotics “

Workshop Details

It is our pleasure to serve you a low cost proposal on ” DTMF Based Wireless Robotics “. It is a robotics system in which robot can control with the help mobile phone keypad using DTMF technology and advanced embedded work bench “.The workshop will be conducted by IIT Bombay and VJTI alumni along with industrial professionals .

robotSyllabus :

  • Introduction to robotics
  • Introduction to wireless communication
  • Detail concept of mobile communication like GSM ,Bluetooth ,RF communication, Zigbee , RFID etc.
  • Introduction to DTMF technology
  • Practical demonstration and application of DTMF technology
  • Concept of interfacing DTMF decoders with mobile phone
  • Concept of interfacing DTMF decoders with microcontrollers
  • Advanced Embedded System work bench and their sections
  • Concept of microcontroller configuration and functioning
  • Concept of microcontroller programming and structure
  • Serial communication related concept
  • Interconnection of various components to design basic robot body
  • Concept of robot building and assembling
  • Practical concept of motor driver assembly, motor interfacing their interfacing with microcontroller

Benefits to Participants

  • Gain practical concept of wireless communication
  • The concept of DTMF decoders and their interaction with various system
  • develop very good understanding of microcontroller programming and peripheral interfacing
  • Practical knowledge and experience of robot assembly and maintenance
  • The knowledge of programming and coding leads to develop a confidence of project designing , hence B.Tech / M.tech projects can be develop easily
  • Can help and easily get the good job opportunity in wireless and robotics field
  • Help to face job interviews with confidance

Key Features :

  • Complete practical hand on session with theory concepts
  • Use of embedded work bench which can be use to learn embedded systems letter on
  • Designed by IIT,Bombay and VJTI alumni along with industrial standard
  • Highly qualified and skillful trainers
  • Quality product designed by Embedded Technosolutions with the help of industrial expert

Who Should Attend :

  • Those who are interested in understanding technology practically
  • Those who want to do project in wireless communication and Robotics
  • Those who want to improve their practical and technical skills and create something innovative
  • Those who want to get job in technical domain

What we provide Robot Kit Content


  • Complete Robot Kit
  • Embedded Work Bench Development Board
  • DTMF decoder module with serial interface peripherals
  • Interfacing devices and Programming cable
  • DC Motors
  • Wheels
  • Audio jack
  • Chassis
  • Battery
  • Kit Packaging case and other required tools
  • Industrial standard national level certificate from Embedded Technosolutions (to every participant individually)


  • Microcontroller Programming Software
  • Code Burning Software

Study Material

  • Booklets on ” Wireless Communication Modules “
  • Booklets on ” Robot Construction,Assembly and Maintenance “
  • Booklets on ” Embedded Workbench Development Board “
  • Booklets on ” How to use programming and flashing software

Workshop Structure

The workshop is split into 4 modules

Sr.No Modules Duration
1 Understanding DTMF Technology and DTMF based wireless robotics 4 Hrs
2 Design and Assembling of Robot 4 Hrs
3 Software Concept and Programming Robot 3 Hrs
4 Demonstration of designed Robots 3 Hrs

What we required to conduct the session

  • A computer lab with good working PCs
  • One good working projector
  • one black board and chalk