Technical Education Promotion Program  by IIT Bombay Alumni with Industrial Professionals

High Technology Training Program Worth Rs.10,000/-
Now at very low cost For BSc CS & IT Students
Today’s Generation of BSc CS & IT Students is Very Creative Minded, Passionate & Enthusiastic about Technology.They have out of box Imagination & Creative ability.With little push in the technology,they can do massive creation & innovation by their own.
IIT Bombay Alumni with industrial professionals have came up with an idea to promote the technical education at BSc CS & IT colleges whose objectives are mention below,


  • To make them aware about latest technologies in real market
  • To make them able about to design their projects by their own
  • To create the awareness about industrial product development
  • To convert their theoretical concepts into practical with hands-on session
  • To teach them about software & hardware integration

Duration: 2 Days (4-6 Hrs per day)

Training Location : College Campus 

Workshop Details

S.No Name of Document Download
1 Raspberry Pi IOT with 5 Projects Designing
2 Arduino with 5 Projects Designing
3 Embedded Systems with 7 Projects Designing