How To Choose Career


Rajesh Pingle ,Founder , Embedded Technosolutions

Reference Book: Engineer to Great Entrepreneur

Book Author : Rajesh Pingle

How many Parents & Students are there who actually knows about how to select career option after the School.People choose their career very randomly & at the end, they feel like,

  1. Arey, that was not my interest
  2. I have wasted my time
  3. I would have done something better if I would have taken some other option  & so on…

But the point is why we don’t try to find out student’s actual interest at school level so that they will be having very different & Interesting professional life.We are trying to kill there ability & potential by selecting an improper professional field.

There can be a generalised way suggested by the author

Step 1

First Step is an Experience about anything ,Because of experience we LEARN

Step 2

Learning creates INTEREST.

Step 3

Once Interest is developed the We try to be EDUCATE to understand things in depth

Step 4

After Education , We try to APPLY the Education in real world

Step 5

At last, after proper  application, we become “ SUCCESSFUL


Where is the problem, Many People directly try to Jump to the “ Education ” step without Learning & Passion, & becomeUNSUCCESSFUL