Mobile Phone Controlled Universal Robot Car

What is this Workskop about?

Today’s technology world is in Controlled of Smart Phones.We can do anything with Smart Phones & Apps inside it.

In this workshop, you will develop a mobile-controlled robot using DTMF or Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. The robot is controlled by a Cellphone that makes a call to a second phone connected to the robot. Pressing keys on the user’s phone will send instructions to the robot via DTMF signals. The robot is programmed to decode these signals and change directions accordingly.

By making your own Mobile-Controlled Robot, you’ll practically learn about DTMF technology which allows devices to be connected over a wider network range. You’ll also learn about robotic systems and arduino programming by doing this project.

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? Workshop Syllabus

  • Introduction to robotics
  • Introduction to wireless communication
  • Detail concept of mobile communication like GSM ,Bluetooth ,RF communication, Zigbee , RFID etc.
  • Introduction to DTMF technology
  • Practical demonstration and application of DTMF technology
  • Concept of interfacing DTMF decoders with mobile phone
  • Concept of interfacing DTMF decoders with microcontrollers
  • Advanced Embedded System work bench and their sections
  • Concept of microcontroller configuration and functioning
  • Concept of microcontroller programming and structure
  • Serial communication related concept
  • Interconnection of various components to design basic robot body
  • Concept of robot building and assembling
  • Practical concept of motor driver assembly, motor interfacing their interfacing with microcontroller

? Additional Benefits


? Become permanent Member of ” All India Council for Technical Skill Development (AICTSD) ” with IIT Bombay Alumni

? Chance to attend various technical event organizing by AICTSD

? Represent your Innovation on AICTSD Website

? Get the free help from AICTSD in your future innovation in technology

? Chance to interact with industrial professionals about your innovation & future technology innovations

? Chance to attend seminars & give seminars

? Eligibility Criteria


? School Students from Std 5th Onwards

? Certification


? A Government of India (MSME) & ISO 9001-2015 Organisational Certificate will be provided from IITians Embedded Technosolutions

? Schedule & Details

1 Duration 2 Days ( Saturday 27th July & 3rd August)
2 Fee Rs.1500 (Including GST)
3 Time Morning 11am to 2pm 
4 Location Thane , Mumbai

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