PCB Design

Professional and Industrial

PCB Design Training 

Module 1: Getting Started with PCB Designer

  • Introduction to PCB  Designer
  • The PCB Designer environment
  • Working with projects and documents

Module 2: Schematic Editor Basics

2.1 Schematic Editor Basics

2.2 Schematic graphical objects

2.3 Schematic electrical objects

Module 3: Schematic Capture

3.1 Introduction to Schematic Capture

3.2 The Schematic Editor workspace

3.3 Libraries and components

3.4 Placing and wiring

Module 4: Multi-Sheet Design

Module 5: Building the Project

5.1 Assigning designators

5.2 Compiling and verifying the project

Module 6: Setting Up for Transfer to PCB and Importing Data

6.1 Setting Up for Transfer to PCB

Module 7: PCB Editor Basics

7.1 PCB Editor Basics

7.2 PCB design objects

Module 8: Setting up the PCB

8.1 Setting up the PCB

8.2 Creating a new PCB

8.3 Setting up the PCB layers

Module 9: PCB Design Flow, Transferring a Design and Navigation

9.1 PCB design process

Module 10: Design Rules

10.1 Design rules and design rule checking

Module 11: Schematic Library Editor

11.1 Introduction to Library Editing

11.2 Schematic Library Editor

Module 12: PCB Library Editor

12.1 PCB Library Editor

Module 13: Routing and Polygons

13.1 Routing

13.2 Automatic routing

13.3 Polygons and the Polygon Manager

Module 14: Output Generation and CAM File Editing

14.1 Bill of Materials

14.2 Output Generation

14.3 CAM Editor

Module 15: Application oriented PCB Design  

 Test :  1. A objective test based on syllabus cover

              2. A project design test based on syllabus cover

Interaction with professionals on :

              1. Job opportunity and future scope in PCB design domain

              2.Doubt Clearing Session

Many of our students are doing freelancing PCB designing and development as business. In current scenario of industrial development , there are many opportunities for a PCB Design Training institute in Mumbai,  PCB Design Training institute in Navi Mumbai and designer because every system try to become automated now for which PCB design is basic requirement. If you search professional PCB designer in the market, they are very few hence job opportunities are more.

If you see a article in the magazine “Electronics For You, Sep-2014”, Page no 124, you will find that there are so many opportunities in core engineering field, but companies do not get the skillful professionals easily so we started PCB Design Training institute in Mumbai .There are so many opportunity in core engineering field, only thing is we have to be updated about market requirements which can be possible by training at PCB Design Training institute in Navi Mumbai under industrial professionals.