PLC VFD Automation

Government of India Registered & ISO Certified Organization


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Theory of PLC

  • Introduction to PLC
  • Types of PLC
  • PLC VS Microcontroller
  • PLC Advantages & PLC Applications
  • Introduction to PLC Hardware
  • How to select the PLC for Projects
  • Introduction to I/O Devices (Digital only)
  • Introduction to Logic Gates
  • Introduction to Ladder programming, Ladder Symbols, function Blocks.
  • Syntax & its error
  • Scanning of I/O in ladder
  • Benefits of ladder programming
  • Designing Single Rung & network
  • Designing Multiple & branching Rungs & networks
  • Learning algorithms for Practical applications.
  • Introduction to PLC Trainer 100A
  • What is Automation Control & Project management
  • Writing of Alarms in PLC And Interface,Ack in HMI/SCADA
  • Analog Input/Output Programming
  • Analog Input Reading,Averaging,Scaling etc
  • Analog Output writing,Scaling for field Devices
  • Programming for 4-20mA,0-10v Analog Input Signals
  • High Speed Counter
  • Use of high speed counter in Ladder Programming,
  • Application of High speed Counter

Theory of VFD

To study Functions of VFD Switches & Symbols.

  • To operate motor using VFD Console switches.
  • To change parameter settings.
  • Selection of VFD for Application.
  • To change Ramp Down time [deceleration time].
  • To change Ramp up time [acceleration time].
  • To set output frequency limit [Maximum].
  • To set output frequency limit [Minimum].
  • Introduction of Modbus Communication of VFD with PLC .
  • Troubleshooting of VFD

Practicals on PLC & VFD

  • Wiring of Input devices Push buttons Limit switch to the PLC.
  • Wiring of output devices from PLC to Relay Contactor and Solenoid Valves.
  • Wiring of Level Sensors Pressure sensor to the PLC
  • Wiring of Analog output from PLC to different devices.
  • Programming Of Analog Input and Output in PLC
  • Configuration of PLC – CPU Hardware with the Software
  • PLC Ethernet / Profibus / RS 232 Comport Configuration with work station.
  • Creating new Project for Conveyor Control/ Fan Control/ Pump Control with different industry based Application.
  • Creating Interval control systems for Process Applications with TIMER COUNTER and commands
  • Configuration of High Speed Counters with PLC and Its
  • Plant Graphic Control Interfacing Program with Monitoring systems.

Motor Starter

  • Start/Stop Push button with Motor overload & High temp i/p
  • Motor Directions control For-Rev direction with delay & interlock Protections

Conveyor Systems

  • Material conveyor with Counter

Traffic Light control

  • Traffic Light controller 4 lane

Water Level controller

  • Water level controller with pump

 Download the Syllabus : Click Here