Raspberry Pi Experiments List For BSc IT /CS


Raspberry Pi IOT Experiment List 

Note : This Experiment List is Designed to Clear the Fundamentals about Raspberry PI IOT

This will help the Students to Start the Project Development & Designing Practically

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Experiment List

Justifications / Objectives

1 Raspberry Pi Installation & Configuration Process This will make the students comfortable with Raspberry Pi Lab & Initial Processes 
2 Linux  Commands For Application Execution This will help the students to understand an importance of Python Language in Raspberry Pi Experiments & Projects Development
3 LED Blinking Basic Program over Raspberry Pi to understand the GPIOs
4 Remote Login Methods This will help to understand, how to work over a LAN & Wi-Fi
5 Web server Creation This will help to understand ,how to work over IOT
6 PWM Generation This will help to understand how to generate analog signals in any applications
7 Serial Communication & RFID Interfacing To Understand UART Protocols
8 I2C Protocol ADC To understand how to interface Sensors with Raspberry Pi IOT
9 USB Camera Interfacing To Understand how to interface Camera to design the applications based on Image processing
10 2 x 16 LCD Interfacing  To Understand Display interfacing with Raspberry Pi GPIOs
11 Computer App Designing with Tkinter To understand App designing in the project with Raspberry Pi