SITP2018 Projects

Have You Ever Developed the Advanced & Complex Projects Based on,

  • ARM7 Cortex M0 Processor
  • Raspberry Pi IOT (Latest Pi3 B+)
  • Beagle Bone Black ( REV C by Texas Instruments)
  • Arduino AVR Processor
  • PLC  Automation
  • Big Data Hadoop 
  • Professional Python & Many more….

This Summer Vacation Spend to Develop Following Projects using above Technologies with IIT Bombay Alumni & Industrial Professionals

  Live Projects:  Embedded ARM 7 Cortex M0 Processor-Based
1 Traffic Light System
2 RFID Security System Based Door Authentication
3 DTMF Technology Based Universal Home Automation
4 Voice Controlled Home Automation
5 Notice Board
6 Bluesys With Android App
7 Password Protected Locker System
  Live Projects: Embedded Linux With Beagle Bone Black Based
8 Traffic Light System
9 Environmental Parameters  Measurement using I2C Protocol
10 Voice Control Home Automation
11 BlueSys using Bluetooth
12 Embedded Remote Login Methods
13 PWM Based Variable System
14 Camera based Video Capture and Image Processing
15 GUI Based Home Automation  using QT Creator
  Live Projects: Raspberry Pi IOT Based
16 Traffic Light System
17 Environmental Parameters  Measurement
18 Voice Control Home Automation
19 BlueSys using Bluetooth
20 Wireless Mobile Smart System
21 PWM Based Variable System
22 Camera based Surveillance System
23 GUI Based Home Automation using TKinter
  Live Projects: Embedded Arduino Based
24 Traffic Light System
25 RFID Security System Based Door Authentication
26 DTMF Technology Based Universal Home Automation
27 Wireless Appliance Controlling System using Android App
28 Notice Board
29 Room Temperature Controlling System with PC Interface
30 Password Protected Locker System
  Live Projects:PLC & VFD Automation
31 Traffic Light controller 4 lane
32 Water level controller with pump
33 Start/Stop Push button with Motor overload & High temp i/p
34 Motor Directions control For-Rev direction with delay & interlock Protections
35 Plant Graphic Control Interfacing Program with Monitoring systems.
36 Configuration of High Speed Counters with PLC  and Its  Programming.
37 Creating Interval control systems for Process Applications with TIMER COUNTER and commands
38 Wiring of output devices from PLC to Relay Contactor and Solenoid Valves.
39 Wiring of Input devices Push buttons Limit switch to the PLC.
40 Wiring of Analog output from PLC to different devices
41 Programming Of Analog Input and Output in PLC
42 Creating new Project for Conveyor Control/ Fan Control/ Pump Control with different industry based Application.

Isn’t it very interesting 

Grow Yourself  Technically & Implement Your Projects & Ideas by Your Own

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