Learn Good Competitive Technical Skills

Article by : Rajesh Pingle ,Founder ,Embedded Technosolutions

Reference Book :Engineer to Great Entrepreneur

Book Author: Rajesh Pingle


Drivers, Salesmen, Cooks, Tailors etc can get a job of their own choice very easily but the Engineers are in trouble to get a job of their choice.

Why it is happening?
What are the reasons behind this?

After spending few years in Driving, Sales, Cooking, Tailoring etc people become skillful & they says that ” They are Masters of These Fields ” but after spending few years in the engineering students says ” We are Freshers”.

before 1990s when we were not globalized, that era was of ” Industrialization “.In the industrialization, only degree was sufficient to get a job.That’s why people of that time used to get a job very easily by using their degrees.

Now we are into the world of ” Information Technology “.In the era of Information Technology, the people who have ” First & Fast Information Source ” they will be leading irrespective of their degrees.This era demanding the ” Skills ” irrespective of your academic scores & degrees.

It is because of ” Automation “.Automation replacing the human workforce by ” Machines “, so those who have the good competitive technical skills they only can survive, other people will do any other job even they are the engineers & this is the fact that we are observing around us in the society.

Don’t Wait For Somebody to Come & Call You For a Job of  Your Choice, You have to Learn the Skills & Try to Find Out an Opportunity that You Want
Learn ” Good Competitive Technical Skills ” & Start Your Career In Right Direction
You Will Be Successful !