Technological Revolutions – Killing the Human Existence on Earth

Article by : Rajesh Pingle ,Founder ,Embedded Technosolutions

Reference Book :Engineer to Great Entrepreneur

Book Author: Rajesh Pingle


The Law of Nature

” Nature always balance himself in all sort of Revolutions & Changes “

At the start of human existence on the earth, there was no technological revolution. That time, the use of the Human Brain in all task & action was maximum. Psychological researcher Dr.Davidson told the use of the human brain was more than 90% that time. Hence all core research & innovation have got found in that period in Vedshastra. The following figure shows the relation between Technology, Human Brain & Nature. The human brain was at the top when none of the technological revolution present.

Following figure shows as the technological revolutions start to happen, the thinking power of human brain starts to come down because the law of nature ” Nature always balances himself in all sort of Revolution & Changes “.As technology grows, nature allows human to think slower & use the maximum of technology. Whats app, Facebook, Social Madia are the best example to explain this. All this stuff have made our thinking ability slow. Interesting thing is, all these processes are automatic.No one can observe this. Only nature can observe & balances himself.

Following figure shows the current scenario where technology trying to take over the human brains & hence today we can observe the Robotics, Artifical Intelligence & Automation research happening very fast to replace the human brain with technology. Hence the number of jobs are reduced & everything is automation

The following figure shows the worst situation will happen in the future when,

Technology = Human Brain.

Technology will perform all task as the human brain performs.No need of human workforce required. All work will be done with the help of technology.

Following figure shows the situation when there will be ” No Human ” Present on the earth & everything will be ruled by technology. That will be the end of human existence on the earth.

Again Nature Law  

” Nature always balance himself in all sort of Revolution & Changes “

Nature always will be there irrespective of Human Existence


Technological Revolutions – Killing the Human Existence on Earth