Why Guru Dronacharya Asked to Cut the Thumb to Eklavya as Gurudakshina

Article by: Rajesh Pingle , Founder, Embedded Technosolutions

Reference: Book Engineer to Great Entrepreneur

Book Author: Rajesh Pingle

Why Guru Dronacharya Asked to Cut the Thumb to Eklavya as Gurudakshina?

In the schools, we all might have heard a story of Guru ” Dronacharya ” & ” Eklavya “.

Once Eklavya came to Guru Dronacharya & asked him about to learning ARCHERY (धनुर्विद्या).Guru Dronachrya had refused to teach him the techniques of ARCHERY (धनुर्विद्या) because in that era only kings, Their family members & Kshatriya had right to learn these techniques.ARCHERY (धनुर्विद्या) was one of the best war technique at that time.

Rest of the story you all know.Eklavya had made a statue of Guru Dronacharya & had learned the ARCHERY (धनुर्विद्या) by his own & he became most powerful Archer (धनुर्धारी). He was one of the competitor to Arjuna that time.

When Guru Dronacharya came to know about Ekalavya, he asked him to cut his ” Right Hand’s Thumb as Guru Dakshina “.

In the conclusion of this story, schools taught us that ” It was a Wonderful & Strong relationship between Guru & Shisha” & bla bla bla….

Questions are,

  • Why Guru Dronacharya had did so ?
  • Why He had spoil ekalavya’s career as he had learned most powerful techniques that time about ARCHERY ?

Can you think an Archer (धनुर्धारी) with no thumb, how he can hold a BOW (धनुष) without thumb.His career is completely spoiled. Competition is completely over.

What was the reasons to get Eklavya’s THUMB?

  • Guru Dronacharya had deed so because he had fear about ” A boy who can learn a finest & complicated techniques by his own without any guidance ” then what he can become in the future. He can be a king or a kingmaker because ARCHERY (धनुर्विद्या)  was only technique used in the WAR that time & Eklavya became finest in that
  • Second but important, how a boy from the lower class can learn these techniques & compete the Kshatriyas.The lower class has to be lower always , how they can compete to Brahmins & Kshatriya.

We have question on such bad mentality

Unfortunately,Schools had taught us the wrong history in the wrong way , if the right history would have told us in the right way then many complicated questions would have come in front of the current political system which is controlling by Bramin & Kshatriya.

The Class System will be always in India if you don’t understand the right history in the right way