Why People don’t get the Jobs of their Choice

In a survey done by IITians Embedded Technosolutions , we came across an amazing fact that ” Why People Don’t Get a Job of Their Own Choice “.

When people don’t get the job of their choice, they normally say 
  1. There is too much competition
  2. Limited Jobs are available
  3. Let’s wait ” Jab Milna Hai Tab Mil Jayega”
  4. It is impossible to get a job

& List Go on…..

After a huge discussion with technical experts & regressive survey of the market ,we came to following conclusions

1. The Speed of Technology change is very high than the human learning speed.

Mark Zuckerberg , Founder Facebook once said that the technology changes after every  ” 6 months ” &  as per the study of human psychology ,general time required to learn any new technology by the human being is ” 9 Months”.There is a general gap of 3 months.How can human brain compete the current technologies? We need to make a habit of learning technology as fast than its changing speed.Two sorts of people can survive here

  • First, those have high learning speed &
  • Second, those who take consultation , guidance & training from expert to learn the technology fast

2.Before 1990 , that era was of  “Industrialization”  where people used their Conventional Degrees to get the jobs.The current era is of  ” Information Technology & Automation ” where skills are having high priorities than the Degrees.In this era, if people trying to get a job by using their conventional degrees only without practical skills, ,they will definitely survive & face lots of problems.

3.Technology growing too fast than the education at an academic level , this creating a huge gap which makes the people non-productive.

Future will be different than today & we don’t know how it will be because “ Change is Always Constant ”.

In the Conclusion
  • In the conclusion, we would like to say that, try to learn the technology fast.
  • Become skillful so that probability of getting jobs of your choice improves.
  • Come out of the mentality of Industrialization , We are surviving into the era of “ Information Technology & Automation ” where skills are very important.

You will be Successful !



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